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Thought for the Month  -  November


Remember, remember….
Seek the Lord and his strength, search constantly for his presence. Remember his marvellous works, his miracles, and the pronouncements he has spoken. Remember his covenant constantly, the message he has given foe a thousand generations.
1 Chronicles16: 11-12, &15

I wonder – are you any good at remembering people’s birthdays? I’m not. In fact, I’m hopeless at remembering dates of any sort. Anniversaries, appointments, social engagements or simply things to do – they’re all likely to slip my mind if I’ve nothing or no one to remind me of them. Happily, we’ve more resources today than ever before to help jog our memories. As well as my diary and calendar on the wall, we have online and electronic calendars, giving daily reminders of coming events and so forth, are freely available for both computers and mobile phones – a simple but efficient way of ensuring that we never miss that important booking or special occasion ever again. No longer do we need to rely on a knotted hankie or post-it notes doted round the house!
Or at least, that’s the theory. In practise, there’s still plenty of room in life for forgetfulness, and I don’t just mean in terms of dates and times. Most of all, as Scripture constantly reminds us, we can also forget God. We make time for him on a Sunday but the rest of the week live as if he isn’t there. We marvel occasionally at his blessings when some joy or delight pulls us up short, but before long familiarity dulls our senses to it. We’re swift to ask for his help in time of trouble, but equally quick to forget him when the crisis is past. Hardly surprising, then, that the challenge, ‘never forget’, runs like a constant refrain throughout the Old Testament. Remember what God has done! Remember his call, his deliverance from captivity, his mighty deeds, his creative power, his promise for the future, his unfailing love. It was a challenge that shaped the people of Israel, uniting them in faith and hope. Does it mark us out as God’s people in turn? 
As we remember, remember... this month, let us reflect are we forgetful of God sometimes, what helps to remind us of his presence? May we remember our Lord as faithfully and lovingly as he remembers us.
Every blessing, Tanya

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