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Thought for the Month  -  January

Happy New Year!

It roles off our tongues at this time of year but do we really mean it or even concider what we are saying? We are in fact saying may the year of 2018 be a good year for you, may you be blessed with happiness and you and your family remain safe, prosper and enjoy good health. And yet we know that for some this year will bring sadness, grief, pain, loneliness, a feeling of not being wanted or accepted by society, and yet as we wish each other happiness for the New Year we can do it with the confidence in knowing that only a short time ago we celebrated the birth of Jesus. Hope of the World you came down into darkness open my eyes let me see, Jesus came in love to a World of sin and as we pack away our decorations don't let us pack away the sign to the shepherds that Jesus came as a baby in a manger that all men may find hope not just at Christmas but for the year ahead and onwards that when you wish a happy new year it is for a year when they will know Jesus very close to them or that they will discover him.and true hppiness joy and hope will fill their hearts dispite any thing that 2018 may bring.these are the words of Mary from Luke ch 1 from the Message Bible "I'm burssting with God news,I'm dancing the song of mySaviour God,God took one look at me and look what happened,I'm the most fortunate Woman on Earth.What God has done for me will never be forgotten.His mercey flows in wave after wave,in those who are in awe before him."



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