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Thought for the Month -  April

When Spring comes, we delight in seeing gardens burst into life. We have had snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils and the leaves on trees and hedgerows, bright with new life. This is perfect for Christians contemplating the miracle of Easter; everything seems dark and dead before surprizing us with new life, brighter than we could ever imagine.
It also serves to remind us that things can seem dead and lifeless before they spring into life with new vigour. Not just our gardens do this, with long forgotten bulbs and seeds sending up new shoots, people and situations can seem like a lost cause sometimes, but God often has plans which we do not know about. Under the surface of a church which often seems to be out of touch and old fashioned is a vibrant and life-giving God just waiting for people to respond to his word and cultivate the garden he has planted.
We must not be discouraged if things go through a dormant phase but should press on with the work of loving and serving our neighbours for Christ’s sake, to show them the love and forgiveness of God, freely given, so they may have life, bright green and full of vigour, Spring life in all its fullness.

Karen Pattison

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